Chainsaw Training Course

AHCARB205A – Operate and maintain chainsaws & FPICOT2239A – Trim and cut felled trees

This chainsaw training course is suitable for both experienced and non-experienced chainsaw operators.

Our chainsaw training course has been designed to develop or increase skills in operating chainsaws safely and efficiently in a range of common work situations including when trimming and cutting felled trees.

This course includes:Chainsaw Training Course

  • Chainsaw Safety – including workplace health and safety, hazard and risk management and PPE selection and use.
  • Chainsaw Preparation and Maintenance – including cleaning, maintaining and servicing chainsaws as well as chain tensioning and chain sharpening.
  • Chainsaw Operations – including start-up and shut-down procedures, saw selection, cutting methods and general chainsaw operation.

AHCARB205A – Operate and maintain chainsaws & FPICOT2239A – Trim and cut felled trees

Duration: This is a 2 day course
Cost: $400 per person

Group bookings are available, contact Rob Buick on 0401 623 301 or email

CFA - Chainsaw Training Course


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“GREAT COURSE, one of the best I’ve ever done…”

Terry T, Trainer: Julian Vickers

“Brilliant course / learnt lots of new info, not only for use regarding CFA but at home! Highly recommended”

Meg Allan, Trainer: Julian Vickers

“I thought the course was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot, the trainer was very good in explaining the course. theory and practical works”

Steve Clarkson, Trainer: Julian Vickers

“Great chainsaw training course, learnt a lot and will further my knowledge of the use of a chainsaw ”

Anthony Johnson, Trainer: Paul Orchard

“I have been very impressed with the chainsaw training course and instructor. Jules has been great and I have learnt how to use a chainsaw having never used one before and feel quite confident.

Thanks ”

Allison Maloney, Trainer: Julian Vickers

“Great trainer, would do more courses with him again”

Alex White, Trainer: Julian Vickers

“Well presented… and taught in a professional manner.”

Joshua Finnmore, Trainer: Paul Orchard

“Great chainsaw training course, learnt heaps. Corrected plenty of my bad habits and has improved my safety ”

Mark Massey, Trainer: Paul Orchard

“The chainsaw training course was everything I expected and gave me the skills required to feel confident to use a chainsaw”

Adam Dannati, Trainer: Paul Orchard

“Educational and fun course. 1st time chainsaw user, learnt a lot of useful skills”

Denis Vrabcek, Trainer: James Paterson

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt heaps ”

Michael T, Trainer: John Holliday

“Practical training on the course was excellent, theory was good and explained very clearly”

Steve Todd, Trainer: John Holliday

“Awesome instructors & course. Everything clearly explained and demo’d – 10/10”

Adam K, Trainer: James Paterson

“FANTASTIC – I learnt so much and it was fun too!”

Val Gallacher, Trainer: James Paterson / John Holliday

“My knowledge about chainsaws was very limited. Doing this course has given me a great understanding of operation & safety


John Fenton, Trainer: James Paterson


He’s experienced, good, knowledgeable, focused, motivational, disciplined, good teaching methods and excellent at practicals.

I truly want to undergo more training with Jules in the nearest future. He deserves an award for Arbortrim trainer of the year”

Victory A, Trainer: Julian Vickers
Download our Chainsaw Training Brochure