Redback Tree Services

11 members of the Redback Tree Services team were at our Dandenong campus today taking part in UETTDREL14A – Working safely near live electrical apparatus as a non-electrical worker.

The team are taking part in the 2-day course, today was theory day and tomorrow they are at an active work-site felling for the practical part.

Good to know your tree service provider has the correct training for the job, 2 of the Redback Tree Services team are also undertaking our AHC30810 – Certificate III in Arboriculture course.

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Thanks to everyone from Redback Tree Services | 

Their tree services include: Redback Tree Services

Tree removals
Tree lopping
Tree care
Tree trimming and branch removal
Stump removal and stump grinding
Tree, shrub and hedge pruning
Arborist services