Diploma of Arboriculture now available in Melbourne and Canberra

Why should you undertake our Diploma of Arboriculture course?

The Diploma of Arboriculture is designed to extend your knowledge of modern arboriculture. It will improve your assessment expertise, upskill your report writing capacity and give you new perspectives on managing urban amenity trees.

  • Keen to know more about trees?
    – Examine their structure and function in detail by looking at tree biology, physiology and biomechanics.
  • Hoping to understand a bigger picture?
    – Evaluate the ecological, environmental, cultural, social, historical and heritage benefits and values trees deliver to the natural ecosystem and our lives.
  • Want to move into arboriculture management or consultancy?
    – Consider the scope of specialised arboriculture and the role of professional advisors and managers.
  • Need to communicate better on paper?
    – Learn fundamental report writing skills and how to provide objective, factual reports and documents to your clients and peers.

Your solid operational skills will provide the foundation for you to gain more in-depth awareness of how trees live, survive and interact with their surroundings – why they are so vital in local, national and global terms – and how you can advise people on them in constructive and informative ways.

Throughout a long career I’ve been involved with trees in many places – caring for them, managing them and speaking about them to audiences here and overseas. I’m attracted to their beauty and magnificence, awed by their apparent simplicity and fascinated by their complexity. After so many years I’m still passionate about trees – they never fail to amaze me. If you’re interested too I’m keen to share my experiences and insights with you.

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AHC50516 – Diploma of Arboriculture

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