Basic Chainsaw Course: Chainsaw Level 1


FWPCOT2237 – Maintain chainsaws & FWPCOT2239 – Trim and cut felled trees

Duration: 2 Days

Course Overview

This course is suitable for both experienced and non-experienced chainsaw operators. It has been designed to develop or increase
skills in operating chainsaws safely and efficiently in a range of common work situations including when trimming and cutting felled

This course includes:

  • Chainsaw Safety – including workplace health and safety, hazard and risk management and PPE selection and use.
  • Chainsaw Preparation and Maintenance – including cleaning, maintaining and servicing chainsaws as well as chain
    tensioning and chain sharpening.
  • Chainsaw Operations – including start-up and shut-down procedures, saw selection, cutting methods and general
    chainsaw operation.

The Chainsaw Level 1 course is
$400.00 per person

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After completion of the basic chainsaw course, it is recommended that candidates be refreshed annually, and reassessed every five years so as to maintain competency.