In August 2019 he was appointed Secretary of the VTIO.

Arbortrim’s Rob Buick has been a Victorian Tree Industry Organisation (VTIO) committee member since 2014.

VTIO is a networking organisation that aims to increase participation in amenity tree industry best practice by disseminating information, presenting workshops and seminars and similar industry specific events that support this aim.

The VTIO’s aims include:

  1. To promote the knowledge and education of arboriculture within the industry.
  2. To further public interest and education in arboriculture.
  3. To assist training organisations with industry needs.
  4. To support and promote research in arboriculture.
  5. To provide a forum for individuals, companies and all other organisations connected with arboriculture and assist their needs.
  6. To co-operate with and complement other like-minded associations to further arboricultural pursuits.
  7. To establish a register of members and associates.
  8. To conduct regular arboricultural events for the prosperity of the industry.
  9. To aid and assist its members in the advancement of arboricultural services.

Arbortrim are a long-time supporter of the VTIO and will continue to support Rob in his new role.

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